First of all, I'd like to Thank each Veteran for having served in the Military for the Greatest Nation in the history of the world. 

Long before my son (at the age of 17) decided to join the United States Navy, I have always had a deep respect & honor for those who sacrifice for our great Nation. From the heart, when I would see a Veteran, I would see a person who embodies Patriotism, love of county, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Meaning simply, someone who wrote a check to the United State of America for an amount up to and including his or her life. No other commitment matches this great value made to our Country. 

I am proud to say that my son spent 6 years in the Navy and a year ago, his little sister joined the United States Air Force. Paul & I could not be more proud of their service & sacrifice to this great Nation. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her next week. 

Many Veterans sacrifice for our Freedom. They fight for us. They leave their families to protect our Freedom. Please take this day to honor our Veterans and say Thank You. And not just today, but always. God Bless our Military!